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2022 HCFB


Our 2022 "TOP FARM DOG" is "WALTER"

Walter is an avid ATV motivational barker, mouse herder and general manager.  He enjoys hiking with his owner, Maddie Cameron, in the hills protecting his owner.  His hobbies include finding sheds, dead heads and carcasses when he is not busy protecting his owner from bears or cougars at night.  He's a hard working dog that earns his kibbles.  Walter has won a $250 cash prize sponsored by Premier Financial and a $250 cash prize sponsored by Redwood Capital Bank.

walter 2.jpeg
walter 3.jpeg
walter 4.jpeg
walter 5.jpeg

The most "Fierce" Dog  -  "Ben"

Ben is a Terrier whose duties include watching the owner's daughter, be on rat control, squirrel patrol and raccoon patrol.  His favorite season is Deer Season.  He may be little, but the Hunt family thinks he's big.  He can do the work of six cowboys!  He earns his kibbles. Ben received a gift basket donated by Petco.

Ben3 -.jpg

Runner up "Fierce" Dog  -  "Daisy"

"Daisy" is a Great Pyrenees x Anatolian cross guard dog with the Hague family.  Don't let her calm & peaceful demeanor fool you.  She can definitely go mama-bear on any trespasser (both the two legged and four legged variety) from getting too close  which includes coyotes, bears, mountain loins and wandering dogs.  Daisy spends her days and nights out in the field with her sheep and goats enjoying the sunshine and life in general.  Beware, just don't jump in the field and try to pet her!  Daisy received a gift basket donated by Nilsen Company

daisy 4.jpeg

Alternate Dog winner  -  "Dilly"

Dilly is a 4 year old Border Collie who has unique ability to clean off your eyes - eye licks are her favorite!  Dilly, aka Dill Pickle, loves to help take off the baling twine off the hay.  He will then proceed parade in front of you to be sure you trip over it.   He loves to herd the barn cats - then eat their food.  Turkeys are well warned to stay off his ranch!  Dilly received a beautiful prize donated by Brindle-N-Fawn.  Thank You!

Dilly 3.jpeg
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