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Humboldt County
Farm Bureau

Humboldt County Farm Bureau is Humboldt County's largest general agricultural organization, representing dairy, timber, livestock, produce, oysters, wineries, and the floral industry.
We are a member-based, grass roots organization dedicated to promoting and preserving agriculture in Humboldt County. 

As a member of the California Farm Bureau Federation, our members are provided with a network of support both on and off the farm.  From delivering breaking legislative and local news to educational tools and helpful discounts.

We work so that our communities can eat.

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Where are we?

Humboldt County is a picturesque rural community with a deep water seaport about 250 miles north of San Francisco and 100 miles south of the Oregon border. Its a pleasant climate, rolling fields, and abundant waterways make it the perfect place for a wide variety of industries, including forestry, dairy, livestock, row crops, floral, and aquaculture.

Agriculture in Humboldt County

Agriculture has historically been one of the major resources of Humboldt County. Approximately 690,000 acres or nearly a third of the total land area in the County is directed to some type of agricultural use.
About 67,000 acres of land is classified as being under intensive farming (e.g., harvested cropland and cropland used only for pasture), while an estimated 605,000 acres of land is used primarily for grazing related purposes (e.g., pastureland and rangeland). The high rainfall, fertility of the soil, marine climate, and soil depth make some of the County's agriculture land highly productive: the economic value of agricultural production topped 44 million dollars in 1981.  

The more profitable, intensive agricultural practices generally occur on the more fertile land, on manageable parcels, with ample water supply.  Although upland grazing is the predominant agricultural practice in Humboldt County and requires vast acreages for profitability, it tends to involve non-prime quality land in the remote areas which are subjected to competition from possibly competing land uses.

​Significant agricultural resources are located near the cities of Arcata, Fortuna, and Blue Lake, as well as around McKinleyville, Dow's Prairie, the Eel River Delta, Metropolitan, Holmes, Willow Creek, Orleans, Mattole Valley, Garberville, Petrolia, Honeydew, Ettersburg, Bunker Hill, Table Bluff, Bear River, Alderpoint, Blocksburg, Harris, Pepperwood, Redwood Creek drainage, and many other areas.

The importance of agricultural land is unquestionable; yet, during the past several decades, nearly 100,000 acres of land has undergone land use changes due to subdivision activity.   The County is currently attempting to slow down the agricultural land conversion process by supporting the Williamson Act Program. Nearly 200,000 acres of land in the County is presently under this program. Humboldt County will continue to support the Williamson Act, as well as other measures to discourage the loss of agricultural land.
Due to the fact that there is a net importation of agricultural products into the County, there is a need to: provide for the future production of essential food supplies; promote the continued presence of agriculture in Humboldt County, and; conserve and utilize lands where agriculture is or can become economically viable.  Many opportunities exist through non-traditional crops, intensive management and the operator's commitment to agriculture, to significantly contribute to the County's agricultural production.  Much of the rural land in the County has the potential for a variety of agricultural uses.

RAEF- Redwood Agricultural Education Foundation 

The Redwood Agricultural Education Foundation (RAEF) 501c3 was organized in 2009 to support all aspects of the Agricultural and Forestry/Natural Resource fields in Northern California.  There was a need to have an organization to cover all aspects of agriculture and the Timber industry in regards to outreach for educational purposes.  Hence, RAEF was organized as the means to achieve that purpose. 
RAEF is guided by a volunteer board of directors and works very closely with the Humboldt County Farm Bureau and the Redwood Region Logging Conference’s educational programs.  RAEF is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for profit or gain of any person.  It is organized under the Nonprofit Public benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.  The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are supporting educational programs benefiting the north coast agricultural communities.  

The primary objectives and purposes of the Redwood Agricultural Education Foundation is to be a generator and organizer of a wide range of programs focused on providing education and information of use to agricultural and natural resource organizations and those in production agriculture and production forestry.  These programs will include but not be limited to:  
  1. Presentation of educational forums.  
  2. Sponsorship of community outreach educational events
  3. Support of efforts to educate and coordinate various sectors of the production agricultural and forestry communities and
  4. Support of agricultural and natural resource education scholarships and endowments.
About us

Mission Statement

Humboldt County Farm Bureau is Humboldt County's largest general agricultural organization, representing dairy, timber, livestock, produce, oysters, wineries, and the floral industry.
We are a member-based, grass roots organization dedicated to promoting and preserving agriculture in Humboldt County. 

Promoting Agriculture Since 1913!
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Mission statement
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Dilly- 2022 Humboldt County Farm Bureau's Most Fierce Dog.png

Top Dog of the Year

Humboldt County Farm Bureau created this contest in 2022 to showcase the amazing dogs in Humboldt County that not only work for their kibble, but enrich our lives.

The contest is based on submitted photos, videos, and stories depicting the farm dog’s role in working alongside Humboldt County farmers and ranchers.

We have teamed with local businesses to offer cash prizes as well as amazing products to award Humboldt County's Top Dogs. 2022's winner was Walter! This contest will open in March of 2023.

Top Dog

Photo Board

Photo board

Humboldt County Farm Bureau
5601 So. Broadway
Eureka, CA   95503


Executive Director:  Jeannie Fulton

Phone:  (707) 443-4844

Fax:  (707) 443-0926


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