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The Redwood Agricultural Education Foundation (RAEF) 501c3 was organized in 2009 to support all aspects of the Agricultural and Forestry/Natural Resource fields in Northern California.  There was a need to have an organization to cover all aspects of agriculture and the Timber Industry in regards to outreach for educational purposes.  Hence, RAEF was organized as the means to achieve that purpose. 
RAEF is guided by a volunteer board of directors and works very closely with the Humboldt County Farm Bureau and the Redwood Region Logging Conference’s educational programs.  RAEF is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for profit or gain of any person. The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are supporting educational programs benefiting the North Coast agricultural communities.  

The primary objectives and purposes of the Redwood Agricultural Education Foundation is to be a generator and organizer of a wide range of programs focused on providing education and information of use to agricultural and natural resource organizations and those in production agriculture and production forestry.  These programs will include but not be limited to:  
  1. Presentation of educational forums.  
  2. Sponsorship of community outreach educational events
  3. Support of efforts to educate and coordinate various sectors of the production agricultural and forestry communities and
  4. Support of agricultural and natural resource education scholarships and endowments.

RAEF Partnerships & Programs 

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